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Aiden Barrick, a Utah based singer-songwriter, uniquely blends gutsy folk rock and beat poetry in breathtakingly original work. Their catalog of music resonates with listeners who crave vulnerability and bold authenticity. Saturated in life’s experience, Barrick is propelled by rage underpinning radical love which adds to their rich language of expression. As a vocalist they display emotional acuity seducing audiences and engaging fans. Their anecdotal acumen as a lyricist, weaving themes of politico-religious oppression, romantic love and self-acceptance, has garnered comparison to Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and Andrea Gibson. 

The Aiden Barrick Band has a rotating cast of talented players yet at the core of their sound lies the relationship between Barrick and violinist/writing partner Judith Rognli. 

Southern Utah based Rognli is a classically trained violinist who ditched her music stand and sheet music to play with folk combos about two decades ago. She has played with numerous projects and groups in her home country of Germany, in the US and while traveling across the globe. Her style is influenced by her classical training, Irish Folk, and small doses of Bluegrass and Old Time.

Straddling genres of Americana, indie-folk rock and blues Barrick/the duo is not concerned with fitting in. While navigating being a trans artist  in a patriarchal capitalist society, the crux of their platform is layered with hauntingly comforting melodies, raw powerhouse vocals and intentional messages of social justice, trans rights, and inclusion. 

Upcoming projects include: releasing new singles, planning a tour and promoting poetry book Forward, Never Straight.


Barrick’s debut book of poetry and lyric, Forward, Never Straight is the artist’s meandering attempt to address the complexities of growing up terribly queer in the clutches of religion, exploring the nuance of friendship, the fundamental loneliness of an introvert and the volatile nature of shame. Replete with heartache and humor, Forward, Never Straight, is less of a gut punch and more of a belly rub and a good one at that.


​Aiden is also the founder of Lapel Company, a small queer-owned business creating one-of-a-kind up-cycled fashion apparel. 


To keep sane, balanced and connected they can be found in their workshop hand-crafting merchandise, on the trails or bootstrapping solo travel adventures.

 "Singer-songwriter blends gutsy folk rock and beat poetry in breathtakingly original work"


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