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Origin: Salt Lake City, UT

Genre: Indie Folk

Years Active: 2019 - Present

Label: Independent


Aiden Barrick, Salt Lake City based singer-songwriter uniquely blends folk rock and beat poetry in original work. His catalog of music has significant depth, smooth edges and gutsy honesty. It resonates with listeners who crave vulnerability and bold authenticity. Barrick weaves themes of politico-religious oppression, romantic love and self-acceptance in ways that have garnered comparisons to Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and Andrea Gibson.

Barrick’s songs are an amalgamation of his emergence as an artist coming into his own. A collection of ideas and stories from the past decade that have held on long enough to be told. His debut album Wastelands gathers chapters of the artist’s life and gives voice to a decade-long journey of personal expression and becoming.

Straddling genres of Americana and indie-folk, Barrick is not concerned with fitting in. While navigating being a trans artists, the crux of their platform is layered with comforting melodies, raw powerhouse vocals and intentional messages of social justice, trans rights, and inclusion.

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